construction + project management

Excellent plans, excellent work

Precise, meticulous planning comes before our production of exclusive interiors. Engineers, technicians and interior designers apply their skills tirelessly to transform your ideas and wishes into reality.

The very latest CAD and communication technologies ensure a smooth exchange of information between you and our team. The secret of our success? Our capacity for innovation and constant improvement based on 100 years of experience in producing high-end interiors to top standards of craftsmanship and technical performance.

Equally important to our sustained success is our capacity to embrace constant change. We celebrated 100 years of Gehr in 2013. Numerous customers, suppliers and of course our staff accepted our invitation to the event. Together, we celebrated the tradition and successful development of the company in our spacious production halls.

Starting out as a producer of high-quality furniture for private consumers and businesses, our company later focused on furniture and fittings for cruise ships. Today, with our expanded expertise, we also fit superyachts as well as private and business jets.