Innovation drives us

Nothing is as constant as change. Our corporate history alone speaks volumes. We’ve weathered many storms over the years, in business as well as in changing political and social structures.

This resilience is only possible because we constantly move with the times. Just as important is continually considering future market developments in our strategic planning. That’s how we stay ahead of the game.

It’s another aspect of what the Gehr name stands for. And it’s how four generations – soon to be followed by the fifth – have successfully navigated our company from the present to the future throughout.

“The journey is the reward”

They say that even the longest journey starts with the first step. But that step needs to be followed by many more. We’re also inspired by the word ‘enterprise’. That’s because you need to be enterprising all the time to achieve long-term success.

In an ever-faster changing world, having the courage to take risks is vital. And usually only the future reveals whether a company has taken the right steps. The Gehr name stands for an enterprise that takes the right steps.