Memberships and associations

Gehr is a member of various industry associations to influence the development and to promote synergies.


The German Boat and Shipbuilding Association, DBSV, is a union of high-craft yacht and shipbuilders. It has existed for more than 50 years, and has developed into a modern industry association that covers almost all sectors and interests in the maritime industry.

Hanse Aerospace

HANSE-AEROSPACE e.V. is Germany’s largest independent association of suppliers and service providers to the aviation and aerospace industry. Its members include companies from the entire field of the aviation industry.

German Business Aviation Association e.V.

On 22 June 1970, the Working Group on Business Aviation in the Federation of German Industry (Arbeitskreis Geschäftsluftfahrt im Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V.) was founded in Cologne. In 1985, it evolved into the German Business Aviation Association. It is a registered association with its seat in the BDI offices in Berlin.

The GBAA sees itself as an association representing the interests of corporate and non-scheduled commercial aviation within the framework of general aviation, as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO. It is an independent organisation with its own tasks, requirements and needs.

Deutsche Yachten

The work group Deutsche Yachten comprises a number of carefully selected German companies active in the construction and fitting out of yachts. The objective of the group is to advertise it`s  members skills and to make Germany even better known international as a centre of yachtbuilding.